About Us

ABOUT US "Passion into a Business"

Collecting succulents has been a fun and rewarding hobby, for me and Jayanthi, as there are many different types of succulent plants to choose from. in the early 2015 we both started collection varies types of Succulents which includes Echeveria: Haworthia: Sedum:Crassula: Aloe: Lithops:Cactus: and many more verities.

It always attracted us to collect more and more verities as each verity has its own unique colour and shape.

Started as a hobby, we collected initialy from all closeby nurseries and then we started exploring them on social media and started purchasing online also. happed to check a Facebook group "Plants Swap" and we started exchanging our collection with other hobbiests and increased our collections.

We both shared passion for plants and gardening, and decided to turn that passion into a business. That made us start SUCCULENT FACTORY as a way to share our love of plants with others, while also creating a source of income.

SUCCULENT FACTORY have a unique focus on the cultivation and care of succulent plants. Here are some possible details about us

We specialize in a variety of succulent plants, such as cacti, aloe vera, agave, and echeveria, among others. We also offer a variety of pots and planters suitable for succulent plants.

We both have different roles in the business, with one partner focusing on plant propagation and care, while the other handles sales, marketing, and customer service.

We have a Large greenhouse and also outdoor growing area, with plants propagated and grown on site. Alternatively, also we source some plants from other growers.

We take a hands-on approach to running the nursery, doing everything from planting and potting to packaging and shipping orders. Alternatively, we also have a team of people to help with certain tasks.

Overall, a SUCCULENT FACTORY started by us is a unique business venture based on our passion for these unique and beautiful plants. We also use our knowledge and expertise to educate and inspire others to appreciate and care for these plants.