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Euphorbia tirucalli (Firesticks) [H125] - BULK Pack of 200 plants

Euphorbia tirucalli (Firesticks) [H125] - BULK Pack of 200 plants

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Euphorbia tirucalli, commonly known as Firesticks or Pencil Cactus, is a striking succulent plant that commands attention with its vibrant and fiery appearance. Native to Africa and parts of India, this unique plant features thin, pencil-like stems that grow upright, resembling a cluster of blazing flames. The stems are a vibrant shade of orange or red, intensifying when exposed to direct sunlight. The Firesticks is drought-tolerant and thrives in arid conditions, making it an ideal choice for xeriscapes and desert gardens. However, caution must be exercised, as the milky sap within its stems is toxic and can cause skin irritation. Despite its potential risks, the Euphorbia tirucalli is a captivating and low-maintenance plant that adds a striking touch of color to any garden or indoor space.

Shipping and Returns


Will be sent through SPEEDPOST or Courier depending on your pincode, Approximate Transit time: 4 to 5 Days
Transit Risk: we will replace the plant if any plants gets damaged during the transition.

Size of Plants

The Plants shipped sizes would be 2 to 3 inches

Care information

*We ship bare rooted plants. As soon as you recieve your plants we recommend you to plant them in indiviudal pots with soil mix as instructed below:

Soil mix: you can use regular available soil + river sand + cowdung in the ration 2:2:1. Instead of cow dung u can use Vermi compost too.

Pot: U can use any material pots (terracotta/Ceramic/plastic) Make sure the pot has good drain hole so that water doesn't accumulate in the pot when u water.

Watering: let the watering be as less as possible. Try to keep the soil dry as much as possible. Water once in two days.

Important : Never keep succulents neither indoor nor directly to sunlight. Keep them in semi shade place where it gets indirect sunlight and good air circulation

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